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Treasury Management Services

Online Bill Pay Features

Through our website at www.heritagebank-ky.com, you can easily set up vendors for electronic payments online. It is fast, safe and secure. Depending on the vendor, it may take up to 3-5 business days for payment to be received.

Online Banking Features

Our online banking service provides up-to-date account information and balances via the Internet at www.heritagebank-ky.com.  Our site is fast, secure and user-friendly. You can transfer funds from one Heritage Bank account to another, print current statements, get current deposit rates, order checks, make payments and use other helpful tools to make life much easier.

Business Merchant Card Services

Let Heritage Bank bring the most up-to-date credit and debit card processing to your business. We provide the set up and training for all your credit and debit card processing needs.

Business Credit Card Services

Heritage Bank offers a competitive Visa Business Rewards Credit Card.  This allows you to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted while gaining valuable rewards.  The features include:

  1. Great low introductory interest rate
  2. Choice of rewards or travel cards
        Rewards: $25.00 bonus & double rewards points
        Travel:  $50.00 bonus & double points
  3. Unrestricted travel
  4. Merchandise & gift cards

Lockbox Collections

Looking to speed up your collection time?  Have your accounts receivable payments mailed directly to our Heritage Bank post office box for faster and more efficient posting.  We will post all payments, credit your accounts same day and remit valuable invoice information back to you for processing, including copy of the invoice, envelope, copy of check and all information contained in payment envelope.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Automated Clearing House (ACH) allows business clients to create files from qualifying computer software and process payments to vendors next day while also submitting invoice information electronically. This is also a helpful tool to process payroll electronically.

Night Depository

Keep your deposits safe by using our night depository at any of our 17 branches. Bags and keys are available for bulky deposits.

Electronic Deposit / Merchant Capture

Electronic Deposit allows business clients to scan checks into a desktop scanner connected to your computer.   After scanning checks, a file is created and submitted through a safe internet portal for deposit into your account directly.  It's the quickest way to turn check deposits into cash.


Need to get money to a vendor the same day.  We have the ability to send domestic wires so your beneficiary receives funds on the same day.  We have the ability to send wires internationally to any foreign clients or vendors.  These transfers take 5-10 business days depending on the location.