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Heritage Bank Mortgages

Looking to purchase a home? Let Heritage Bank help you. We have a wide selection of options for financing, including a Downpayment Assistance program.

Below is an overview of our more popular mortgage loan options.

Overview of Heritage Mortgages

Loan Type

Key Features

Fixed Rate Mortgage

You want predictable and steady monthly mortgage principal and interest payments for the length of the loan.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

You want the ability to purchase a larger home or prefer to have lower payments initially.

Jumbo Loan

You need to borrow amounts in excess of the conforming loan amounts allowed by FNMA and FHLMC.

FHA Loan

You want to purchase a home with a low downpayment or require a loan with flexible guidelines.

VA Loan

You are a veteran looking to purchase a home.

Construction or Lot Loan

You are building a home.

Investment Real Estate Loan

You are interested in purchasing a non-owner real estate for investment purposes.

Multi Family Real Estate Loan

You want to purchase a 1-4 family home or apartment building.

Welcome Home Program

You want to apply for the limited time only grant of $5,000. The grant is available to a qualified borrower for downpayment and/or closing costs.

We encourage you to stop into a local branch or call 859-534-0862 or 859-534-0850 to talk with a mortgage loan specialist about your financing needs.